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Product Highlight: The Vandoren Mix Card

Tired of playing the same type of reed? Want to try something NEW? Try the Vandoren Mix Card for alto sax & clarinet. Each card comes with three reeds of varying Vandoren product lines such as the traditional reed, V12, 56 rue lepic, & V21(the newest reed from Vandoren). Each card also comes with a BONUS V21 reed.

Vandoren V12

"V12 reeds for Bb clarinet are manufactured from canetubes with the same diameter as cane used for alto sax reeds. As a result they have a thicker heel and are cut on a longer palette with a slightly thicker tip than the traditional. THe longer palette means that more of the reed is vibrating resulting in a deeper, richer sound. The thicker tip gives body to the attack and also increase the longevity of the reed." -Vandoren

Vandoren 56 Rue Lepic

"Designed from thicker cane with a heel taper very similar to German-style reeds, the 56 emits a rich, centered, and extremely pure sound while providing maximum stability and quick response in all registers. Strength gradiations are smaller and more specific, resulting in reeds that are very consistent" -Vandoren

Vandoren V21

"The V21 reed combines the conical shape of a 56 rue lepic with a V12 profile. This unique combination makes all registers of the clarinet more accessible with warmth and a depth of sound. It will allow you to play with amazing presence and immediate response. V21 is the perfect reed for performances that require the ability to handle large interval leaps efficiently with an even and rich tone." -Vandoren

If you're interested in trying the V21 reed, the mix card is the perfect introduction. By providing the V12 & 56 rue lepic reeds, the player truely gets an understanding for the way each different type of Vandoren reed feels. You can test which reed goes with which mouthpiece, helping to find the perfect combination for any performance, without having to buy a whole box before knowing your preferences. Once you've decided what you like, you can buy a whole box and feel confident in your decision.

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Written by : WM1st