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Brass Ensemble Competition 2018

Center Stage Brass & Williamson Music 1st Present:

Brass Ensemble Competition 2018

An online competition for brass ensembles consisting of 3 or more players of any combination of brass instruments. A cash prize is awarded to the winning ensemble of each level.

The competition has 3 levels:

  1. Young Brass - 8th grade or lower
  2. Intermediate Brass - 9th-12th grade
  3. Advanced Brass - College.

*No professionals are allowed, defined as your primary source of income derived from live or recorded play.

Cash prizes will consist of:

  • $250 for Young Brass level winner.
  • $500 for the Intermediate level winner.
  • $1,000 for the Advanced level winner.

Entries are due by May 1st, 2018 by 11:59 pm (UCT -06:00). Finalists are announced by May 15th and winners will be announced by May 31st.

Winners will be determined based on 2 parts.

  1. Technical proficiency (70%). Technical proficiency will be evaluated by the members of the Center Stage Brass and will be based on:
    1. intonation
    2. tone
    3. rhythm
    4. technique
    5. interpretation
    6. performance
    7. musicality
  2. popular vote (30%).

The competition is done by video. A video recording is required, recorded in a single-unedited take of no greater than 8 minutes. 

Contest Entry Fee: $40

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Written by : WM1st