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The Win D Fender

The Win D Fender
Flute players rejoice! Whether you are a student in marching band or a professional on a gig, the weather will no longer control where you can play, thanks to Win-D-Fender.
Twenty years ago, Win-D-Fender founder and north Texas music educator, Mark Dooly, was playing a gig with a big band on an outdoor stage. He stood up to play the Bossa Nova lead he had specifically practiced on the flute, when a gust of wind blew by preventing him from being able to produce any sound out of the instrument. After consulting with other flute players, all of whom had dealt with that, or similar issues, Dooly wondered, with the oldest record of a flute being six thousand years ago, why had nobody solved this problem of playing outside, yet?
Two years ago, after gaining access to a 3D printer, Dooly began to solve the problem. 20 iterations of the Win-D-Fender later, (the first example made out of a plastic spoon with rubber bands) and a partnership with Patrick Reeds and Clem Kwok of Argyle International Corporation, Mark Dooly has finally solved it.
The Win-D-Fender is the first of its kind, and a flutist’s first defense against wind. Made with a spring clip, the Win-D-Fender attaches to the head joint of the flute. Once there, the rubber shield averts any unwanted outside wind from interfering with the player’s sound. The rubber touching the metal leaves no gaps between the Win-D-Fender and the flute, preventing all wind from getting through. No muffling and no change in the flute’s sound is detectable by the listener. It comes with a built-in mount for a clip-on microphone, and an embroidered pouch that allows for easy portability.
Even in 110mph winds, the equivalent of a level two hurricane’s wind, the Win-D-Fender still protects the sound production of the flute.

Written by : WM1st